Tomas Slavik took a win at Clash Of Nations 2015

Tomas Slavik was able to take a win on historically first MTB Dual Slalom event as a part of Clash Of Nations in Falun, Sweden.
Fast riders, wild track and massive crowd – this is 3 things which are describing MTB Dual Slalom in Falun the most! Its been a while when Slavik was racing his last Dual Slalom race, but he was looking very fast and confident. In qualy he took 2nd spot behind Johannes Fischbach who set up the fastest time. In final round it was Fischbach standing against Slavik – two big rivals back in the day on fourcross World Cups. When the gate dropped it was battle side by side and elbow to elbow until first rock garden, where Slavik got out in front of Fischbach, who wasn’t giving up and was chasing Slavik all the way down. Slavik crossed the finish line at 1st spot, Fischbach in 2nd and 3rd spot went to local Emil Jonnson.
“ It was my first time in Sweden and I really had a good times there. Track was looking amazing with many crazy lines, big jumps and fast sections just the way I really like it for racing. I was little bit struggling through the rock garden in the beginning, because I was the only guy out there with short travel bike what was kind of frustrating, but got over it and got 2nd in quali what is great position for race. I was having very good gates and was taking the advantage of it with short travel GHOST bike HOOD FS what showed up at the end as the best option for the race. Had an amazing battle for 1st place with Fischi like back in a days as we both were racing fourcross. At the end I took it home and Fischi ended up second. Really had a great time at Clash Of Nations, organizers did really good job and Im sure this race is having a great potential to future. Well done Sweden, looking forward to next year…”
Tomas Slavik GoPro Clash of Nations 2015


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Photo credit: KWIX photo, Clash Of Nations, Crosstompa