Tomas Slavik starts City DH World Tour with 2nd spot

Really tight fight in between Tomas Slavik and Filip Polc was going on at Santos (BRA) at the first stop of City DH World Tour. At the end Slavik took 2nd spot by only 0,09 s!!!


Same as last year City DH World Tour was starting at Santos, Brazil. Most difficult and intense trak of the Tourd. High speed, big compressions, narrow parts and many more difficult obstacles. This is the real test of equipment and skills of all riders. Tomas Slavik was the fastest during saturdays qualifying where Filip Polc was ending up with almost same time. Drama was going on at sundays finals which was broadcasted at Globo TV and over 10 milion people were watching. Slavik was really fast on all splits and speed trap, but at the bottom of the track he made huge mistake which cost him almost one second. At the end he ended up on 2nd spot by 0,09 s behind Polc.


„ Last year I crashed really hard in Santos so my feelings were a little bit mixed when I was coming back here. Luckily I felt great! My bike felt really good and I was enjoying it. On saturday I took a win in qualification and that gave me some confidence back after the last year. First good step to sunday finals was made. On sunday when we were sitting in the lift I already knew that today is a little bit different day. Nobody was talking, everyone was so nervous, focus and I was just the same. From now everything counts. For the first time in my life havent been nervous because of other racers or because possibility of failing, but I had so much respect to the track. You have to be on the limit of your skills and your bike. Coinsequences of crashing are huge. I ussually say to other friends/riders on the start like „good luck“ or something like that, but this time I was saying „have a save run“. Its just a little bit different racing here. At the final run I was really pushing it to the limit – I was fastest on first splits and I won the speed trap, but at the bottom of the track I went way too fast and drifted almost out of the track and almost crashed. Somehow I got away with that and was pinning it to the finish line. It was only Polc who beat me at the finish line by 0,09 s what is great result after such a big mistake. Next of the Tour is Valparaiso, Chile. Really looking forward to that one and hope there will be no mistakes made from my side…“


Tomas Slavik is right now with his team mate Johannes Fischbach in Rio de Janeiro shredding the local DH tracks and getting ready for the next stop in Chile.

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Photo by: Jan Kasl, Marcello Paiva