Tomas Slavik scores another win at Budapest!

Tomas Slavik scores another win at 4th stop of Downmall Tour 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. He was able to take win in every single race run and I take a big win for the first time in Budapest! Slavik also gained a lot of points and he is now leading the overall of Downmall Tour 2016 in big style and showing his consistency!
“ We have done already 3 Downmall races this year and there is not much that can surprise us on the track. I would say we all have our setups, technique and style figured out. Its harder and harder to make a time difference on the track, but there is always something tricky where you can be way faster. I was having really good feeling after the training and Im finally starting to feel like Im getting back to my usual very good shape. Its been hard year back in 2015 and Im still working on the damage out of it, but its seems all fine now so Im pretty stoked. I was very fast in all my race runs, no mistakes, really consistent and I was able to win by almost 1 second what is great result and performance. I couldn’t be more happy! Shopping mall was huge and so was crowd! Really enjoyed racing in Hungary and amazing atmosphere! Thank you Hungary and see you next year! Next stop for me is Bratislava, Slovakia for 5th stop of Downmall Tour 2016. Really looking forward for the show in front of “almost” home crowd! See you there…”
GoPro Slavik winning run – Downmall Tour 2016 Budapest
Next stop of Downmall Tour is on 13.2.2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia! For more information, photos and videos from Tomas Slavik preparations for next stop of Downmall Tour follow his social feeds:
Foto by: Prouzic photo, Lukas Navratil12698315_1229348290414211_3437636067648890629_o