Tomas Slavik 2nd at Frankfurt

3rd stop of Downmall Tour 2016 was taking place at Frankfurt, Germany. It was also the biggest shopping mall, the raddest track and also last stop of the Tour in Germany. Tomas Slavik had a big struggle in 1st race run, where his rear tire exploded and he was going last 100 m with flat tire! Luckily he still qualified and was able to make it to the final! In the final Tomas Slavik and Johannes Fischbach absolutely disappeared from the rest of the field and it was basically just these to guys who were fighting for the win! At the end Fischbach was a bit quicker and took the 1st spot with Slavik on 2nd.
Tomas Slawik

Tomas Slawik

“I was pretty excited about the track in Frankfurt. It was really long, technical and fun. Here really proves who is in good shape. I was feeling pretty good on the track. I haven’t been doing any mistakes, was consistent and everything went by the plan. Unfortunately in my first race run my tire exploded around 100 m before finish line. It was hard and I was little bit afraid but made it still quite easy to the semifinal. I could feel that I was a little bit careful at stairs and didn’t go that fast as normally to avoid another flat tire. Unfortunately at Downmalls everything counts and everything has to be done right. I knew my final run was very fast, but I knew I could push it a bit more. Fischi did an amazing run and took the win. 2nd place is still really good and I was happy with my performing, but I know I can push it more and in Budapest I will do my best to make it work even better! It was again great battle where people in shopping mall were going crazy and were pushing us as hard as possible to the finish line! Even I ended up 2nd still having the overall 1st place. Next stop Budapest, Hungary! Thank you everyone, you were amazing and really looking forward to Budapest!“
GoPro Slavik final run – Downmall Tour 2016 Frankfurt
Next stop of Downmall Tour is on 6.2.2016 in Budapest, Hungary! For more information, photos and videos from Tomas Slavik preparations for next stop of Downmall Tour follow his social feeds:
Photo by: Rick Schubert, Lukas Wagneter, Eastern Gravity