Slavik and Valparaiso – drama until the end!

Next stop of City Downhill World Tour in Valparaiso, Chile is behind us. Top 42 invited riders were fighting for a win at this prestigious event called Redbull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2015. On the brand new track and in front of 25 000 people cheering the massive drama was going on.


The fastest during qualification was Tomas Slavik with over 5 seconds lead in front of Fischbach and Polc. During finals it was defending champion Polc who set up the fastest time in front of german racer Fischbach. Only rider left on the hill was Tomas Slavik. Question was if he can get any faster and beat the leaders time. Slavik was pinning it hard through the whole track and massive crowd was cheering for him, but at the end just 0,2 seconds he looses his fight with clock and ends on 2nd place.


„I can tell you this race was really one of the toughest ones. Brand new track which was absolutely insane and especially it was the track over 3 minutes with a lot of sprinting. This is exactly place where you show how hard you trained and how strong physically and mentally you really are. I was really fast whole day even though I was struggling first training runs, but got faster and faster every single run. Quali went well and I took a lead with over 5 seconds gap on 2nd spot. This is very motivating for me for the final, but at the same time I knew that all the guys will go now 110% effort in final. I did the same, in final I just gave it all I got in tank, was having a good run with few little mistakes, but at the end I took 2nd spot by 0,2 seconds on 3 minutes long track! That was like unreal to me, but its racing. Still stoked with 2nd spot, but whenever you are loosing so close its always a little bit frustrating. Sometimes you need to loose to dream bigger and get stronger. Its big motivation and challenge for me. Really looking forward for a next round! „


Tomáš Slavik, GoPro final run, Valparaiso Cerro Abajo

Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2015 action clip


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Photo credit: Jan Kasl, Pinkbike, Redbull Content Pool, Jairo Fellipe,