Puzzle_36_complrszd500Puzzle rockring BCD104mm 32-35t. and 36-39t. colourful

ShamanRacing PUZZLE rockring is our next revolutionary product! PUZZLE locks on each half offer countless colour combinations to choose from, have a possibility to replace only damaged half part or use only one half of rockring to save some grams on your Enduro bike. ShamanRacing PUZZLE rockring is absolutely unique, and perfectly fits to all types of riding from Enduro to Downhill. ShamanRacing PUZZLE rockring is made of preassure injected polycarbonate material into a 3D metal form. This technology offers a possibility to make a product that is superstiff but still very light!

Tech. parameters:

Weight: 2x32g (32-35t.), 2x39g (36-39t.)
Material: Polycarbonate
Pitch: 104mm
Size: 32-35t., 36-39t.
Colour: black, white, red, pink, blue, yellow, gold, green, orange

Price 20,70 EUR for a one half