Bolts and nuts

ShamanRacing bolts and nuts for chainring are lightweight, stron and aesthetic variant instead of the OEM bolts and nuts. Bolts are offered in ten basic colors as the others ShamanRacing products! A choice of three basic lenghts according to your need is the biggest advantage. These bolts are manufactured in lenghts of 5mm, 8mm and 13mm. Lenght 5mm is useful for using only one chainring. 8mm and 13mm lenght bolts are ideal for mounting two chairing or for combination chainring plus rockring. Lenght of 13mm is suitable for assembly with two chainrings and rockring or one chainring and bold rockring, such as polycarbonate ones.

Tech. parameters:

Colour: black, purple, orange, red, gold, blue, green, silver, pink, white (new for 2013)
Weight: 5g 5mm, 7g 8mm, 10,85g 13mm (with washers)
Material: Al 6082

Price: 5mm and 8mm for 15 EUR; 13mm  for 19 EUR, set contains 4pcs