Petr Třešňák took a 6th place at iXS European Downhill Cup 2015 – #4 Spicak (CZE)

4th race of iXS Downhill Cup was held 14.-16.8. in Spicak, where 3 hundred athletes from the 25 different countries raced.

Racetrack called “Struggle” got several changes and I can say that I definitely liked them. Even though the track is still specific for its tight turns and sharp stones.


I didn’t ride well in Friday’s practice and I could not get into the pace. Loose stones and a thick layer of dust surprised me often.
Qualification went on Saturday’s afternoon, in which you need to finish in top 30 to get into the main race – Superfinal. I had good training runs before the quali run but also crashed and got flat tire. In qualifying I rode safe but without major mistakes qualified from 17th place.
I tried few new lines in training runs before Sunday’s race and began preparation for the race. Even before the training ended it started to rain with the storm, which delayed the race for half an hour. Places that were under the trees in the forest or along were still dry but it was necessary to be careful on a few slippery places and some mud on the stones. My race run was good, I didn’t make any big mistakes and finished 6th which is good for me.



The next race is National Championship on 30th August in Liberec.

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