Tomas Slavik took a win at Urban DH Grasse 2016

Last race of the season for Tomas Slavik was the biggest french urban downhill race called URBAN DH GRASSE by Extreme events. Fastest french racers, amazing track and big crowd. Tomas Slavik put him self to the test on really technical and physical track and at the end he was able to bring home massive win by almost 3 seconds!
“The track in Grasse was absolutely amazing. It was having all the features that good urban track needs to have like narrow parts, big jumps, wallride, stairs and especially the high speed section which was absolutely crazy in France. It was my first time here and it was hard for me to beat the French racers because they really knew the track well after 3 years racing here on very similar track and of course french racers are always fast. In final run I was really pushing it through the rain and darkness…. it was absolutely crazy, but I loved that! Took a win by 3 seconds and Im really happy after such a long day to come down on the first spot  it was last race in 2016 for me. Im very happy to end up my succesful season like this, standing on the top spot. Now few weeks off and January 21st it starts all over again, but to be honest I cant wait! Big props to all racers and organizers – you all did great job and Im looking forward for coming next year!”
Tomas Slavik winning run GoPro hero 5:
Thats exactly how everyone wants to end up a season. Last race of 2016, well done. The upcoming race for Tomas is season opener of Downmall Tour 2017 in Germany on 21st of January! For more information about preparations for upcoming season please follow social media:
photo by: TDG photography, Christian Benoit, Cyril Charpin, Rosselo pictures

Tomas Slavik on the podium at Crankworx Les Gets

Next stop of Crankworx World Tour was taking place for the first time in Les Gets, France. Tomas Slavik was taking part in 2 events there – Speed n Style and Pumptrack. After changing the rules of Speed N Style Slavik misses the TOP 4 by 0,2 s and ended up on 6th place. At pumptrack Slavik takes 3rd place!
“All tracks here were looking sick, best riders from all over the world were here and I was really looking forward to great racing, but the weather was against it all. Most of the day time we were spending with meetings, discussion, postponing races and watching the weather forecast. At speed n style they have changed the rules after my win at Rotorua and it was way more about style then speed now. Basically there were no “racers” at TOP 4 and I didn’t make it just by 0,2 seconds what is a pity. I have already learnt some backflip, 360s, working on flatspin but its all still way too risky for me so I hope I will be able to pull some tricks at Whistler maybe. Pumptrack was on. Such a cool pumptrack, I really loved that one and probably most fun racing on. I got to TOP 4 where I did some major mistake against BMX star Barry Nobles and had to go to small final against winner of quali Adrien Loron. In first heat I took a strong win and next heat it was all looking good for me, but at last straight Loron goes down and takes me down too. Probably the biggest crash of this race. Loron was looking really beat up so I hope he is ok! I was able to get away with this crash and made it to the finish. So at the end 3rd place at pump track. Man, that was really wild! Still sitting at overall 2nd spot at “King Of Crankworx” so lets see what Whistler in 2 months is about to bring! “
Next race for Slavik is 2nd stop of City Downhill World Tour in Bratislava on next weekend! Keep your fingers crossed and for more info follow social media:
Photo credit: Pinkbike, Crankworx

Tomas Slavik scores another win at Budapest!

Tomas Slavik scores another win at 4th stop of Downmall Tour 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. He was able to take win in every single race run and I take a big win for the first time in Budapest! Slavik also gained a lot of points and he is now leading the overall of Downmall Tour 2016 in big style and showing his consistency!
“ We have done already 3 Downmall races this year and there is not much that can surprise us on the track. I would say we all have our setups, technique and style figured out. Its harder and harder to make a time difference on the track, but there is always something tricky where you can be way faster. I was having really good feeling after the training and Im finally starting to feel like Im getting back to my usual very good shape. Its been hard year back in 2015 and Im still working on the damage out of it, but its seems all fine now so Im pretty stoked. I was very fast in all my race runs, no mistakes, really consistent and I was able to win by almost 1 second what is great result and performance. I couldn’t be more happy! Shopping mall was huge and so was crowd! Really enjoyed racing in Hungary and amazing atmosphere! Thank you Hungary and see you next year! Next stop for me is Bratislava, Slovakia for 5th stop of Downmall Tour 2016. Really looking forward for the show in front of “almost” home crowd! See you there…”
GoPro Slavik winning run – Downmall Tour 2016 Budapest
Next stop of Downmall Tour is on 13.2.2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia! For more information, photos and videos from Tomas Slavik preparations for next stop of Downmall Tour follow his social feeds:
Foto by: Prouzic photo, Lukas Navratil12698315_1229348290414211_3437636067648890629_o

Tomas Slavik 2nd at Frankfurt

3rd stop of Downmall Tour 2016 was taking place at Frankfurt, Germany. It was also the biggest shopping mall, the raddest track and also last stop of the Tour in Germany. Tomas Slavik had a big struggle in 1st race run, where his rear tire exploded and he was going last 100 m with flat tire! Luckily he still qualified and was able to make it to the final! In the final Tomas Slavik and Johannes Fischbach absolutely disappeared from the rest of the field and it was basically just these to guys who were fighting for the win! At the end Fischbach was a bit quicker and took the 1st spot with Slavik on 2nd.
Tomas Slawik

Tomas Slawik

“I was pretty excited about the track in Frankfurt. It was really long, technical and fun. Here really proves who is in good shape. I was feeling pretty good on the track. I haven’t been doing any mistakes, was consistent and everything went by the plan. Unfortunately in my first race run my tire exploded around 100 m before finish line. It was hard and I was little bit afraid but made it still quite easy to the semifinal. I could feel that I was a little bit careful at stairs and didn’t go that fast as normally to avoid another flat tire. Unfortunately at Downmalls everything counts and everything has to be done right. I knew my final run was very fast, but I knew I could push it a bit more. Fischi did an amazing run and took the win. 2nd place is still really good and I was happy with my performing, but I know I can push it more and in Budapest I will do my best to make it work even better! It was again great battle where people in shopping mall were going crazy and were pushing us as hard as possible to the finish line! Even I ended up 2nd still having the overall 1st place. Next stop Budapest, Hungary! Thank you everyone, you were amazing and really looking forward to Budapest!“
GoPro Slavik final run – Downmall Tour 2016 Frankfurt
Next stop of Downmall Tour is on 6.2.2016 in Budapest, Hungary! For more information, photos and videos from Tomas Slavik preparations for next stop of Downmall Tour follow his social feeds:
Photo by: Rick Schubert, Lukas Wagneter, Eastern Gravity

Tomas Slavik took a win at Berlin!

Second stop of Downmall Tour 2016 was taking place at Berlin, Germany. Tomas Slavik was able to win all his race runs and took well deserved 1st place and also jumped on 1st place in overall ranking of Downmall Tour 2016. For Slavik it was also first win on his new race bike GHOST RIOT LT 2016 which is showing a new potential of this type of a bike!



“ Im pretty stoked from the win. Track here is really short with many turns what means that there is a lot of spots for making mistake. Every little mistake counts and makes a big difference in result. I was riding very consistent runs and I didn’t make much mistakes. I felt also great on my new bike GHOST RIOT LT, which is having 130mm of travel and feels way better in braking and turning on stairs. Really love that bike and Im sure that its making my performance faster and makes me feel better. It was shame that Fischi crashed in first run and wasn’t able to qualify to final run. We always push each other and it for both of us big motivation for pushing the limits of our riding. One week ago we had a big battle, which was super exciting for us and for spectators too. Next week Frankfurt, really looking forward for this new venue, because the track will be over 700 m long with a lot of new obstacles and features! Thanks to my fans and sponsors! See you in Frankfurt!”
GoPro Slavik winning run – Downmall Tour 2016, Berlin
Next stop of Dowmall Tour is on 30.1.2016 in Frankfurt, Germany! For more information, photos and videos from Tomas Slavik preparations for next stop of Downmall Tour follow his social feeds:
Photo by: Rick Schubert, Eastern Gravity, Martin Grunefeld

Tomas Slavik started Downmall Tour 2016 with 2nd spot

The season opener for Tomas Slavik was first round of Downmall Tour 2016 in Hannover. Downmall Tour 2016 will bring you in upcoming 6 weeks 6 exciting races at shopping malls all over the Europe. Racers are getting better, tracks wilder, racing is really tide and exciting. In the final run Tomas Slavik set the fastest time by 1,4 seconds, but then Johannes Fischbach landed in the finish line with 0,39 s faster time. This weekend 2nd for Tomas Slavik, lets see what brings next stop in Berlin but its sure the series is getting more exciting then ever!
“ The racing in shopping mall is always hard and tide. It always has been like that and if your run is not 100% you can not expect any good results. Im still not fully recovered from my sickness, but finally feeling really good on the bike and enjoying every second riding it! In the final I had a solid run, just messed up a bit last turn what probably cost me some time and it ended up really tide but this time 2nd spot for me. Fischi was riding great and he deserved that. It was still the first round and I will try my best to end up on the top next week in Berlin. The racing is now getting really exciting with Fischi beating me and I think its great motivation for me, but also for Fischi to push it to the limit and step up the game! Im really looking forward to Berlin and just can’t wait to be back racing my bike in front of fans and loud german crowd, because Hannover was simply amazing. Thanks to the fans, sponsors and organizers for making this happen. See you next week! “
GoPro Slavik, final run Hannover
Downmall Tour 2016 next stop on 23.1.2016 in Berlin. For more information, foto and video about Slavik and his preparations for next stop follow his social media and website.
Photo by:, Rick Schubert

Tomas Slavik took overall 2nd spot at City DH World Tour!

Last weekend Tomas Slavik was taking part at last race of City DH World Tour in Taxco, Mexico. This event is a highlight of the world series not even because of the track, but also because of massive and loud crowd! Very difficult venue for Slavik after the his health problems last months, but he did really well! World famous names like Filip Polc, Neko Mulaly, Andrew Neethling, Bernardo Cruz or Mitch Ropelato put themselves to the test on the most gnarly City DH track of the Tour! It was drama from the start till the end! Tomas Slavik at the end ended up only 1,7 s behind the winner and took 4th spot at Taxco what was enough to take and celebrate overall 2nd place at City DH World Tour!
“ I knew Taxco will be very hard for me, because Im still not 100% fully recovered, but its on very good way and Im happy to perform like that after I went through last months. Still kind of “warming up” the engine before I get to full shape. Had to change strategy on track a little bit, but it was part of the game for me. Track was super hard, gnarly but at the same time it was so much fun. In the 1st run I had amazing run, but 20 s before finish line I got flat tire and had to stop. In second run I went all in! Really pushed it hard and I would say maybe too hard. Man, that run was really wild run! Unfortunately because of it I did an average run. Still I was just 1,7 s behind winner and took 4th spot what is an amazing result and damage control of my struggles last months. At the end it got even better because it was enough for me to take overall 2nd spot at City DH World Tour! So stoked! Its the proof that Im on good way to get back in my usual shape and I just can’t wait for 2016 when I will start from all over again! 2015 was a hard year for me, but at the same time it motivated me to work harder, get faster and be stronger racer. 2016 is a new open book. Thanks to everyone for support and see you in 2016! GAME ON! “
Tomas Slavik GoPro final run – Taxco 2015
Next race for Tomas Slavik is on 16.1.2016 when the Downmall Tour 2016 kicks in Germany the 6 rounds of this downhill tour through shopping malls in Germany (3 races), Hungary, Slovakia and with final round in Prague, Czech Republic. Do you want to see how is Slavik preparing for 2016, news, videos and many more? Go and follow his social media:
foto by: Dave Trumpore, Pernel

Petr Třešňák won Czech National Championships!

Last weekend I raced in Liberec, Jested in National Championship. It was also chance to gain some points for the overall Czech DH Cup 2015 ranking.


The track was completely dry and dusty thanks to the sunny weather.

I was second in the standings of the Czech DH Cup with minimal loss of 3 points before this race, and basically knew I have to win both semifinal and final run.
I was not very satisfied with my semifinal run. I did some mistakes at the beginning and didn’t feel in right speed but still was the fastest and won.
Before the start of the final run I felt really nervous as a last man on the hill. I started well but without a few mistakes or overbraked places maybe it was not even possible. Overall it was good run and I was only racer, who did run under 3:30 and I won. This is my second national champion title in elite category. Last I got in 2011, a year after junior title. I got also enough points to win Czech DH Cup 2015 overall and It was for the first time in my elite career.


I would like to thank everyone for the support!

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Petr Třešňák took a 6th place at iXS European Downhill Cup 2015 – #4 Spicak (CZE)

4th race of iXS Downhill Cup was held 14.-16.8. in Spicak, where 3 hundred athletes from the 25 different countries raced.

Racetrack called “Struggle” got several changes and I can say that I definitely liked them. Even though the track is still specific for its tight turns and sharp stones.


I didn’t ride well in Friday’s practice and I could not get into the pace. Loose stones and a thick layer of dust surprised me often.
Qualification went on Saturday’s afternoon, in which you need to finish in top 30 to get into the main race – Superfinal. I had good training runs before the quali run but also crashed and got flat tire. In qualifying I rode safe but without major mistakes qualified from 17th place.
I tried few new lines in training runs before Sunday’s race and began preparation for the race. Even before the training ended it started to rain with the storm, which delayed the race for half an hour. Places that were under the trees in the forest or along were still dry but it was necessary to be careful on a few slippery places and some mud on the stones. My race run was good, I didn’t make any big mistakes and finished 6th which is good for me.



The next race is National Championship on 30th August in Liberec.

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Tomas Slavik did a hat trick and wins JBC 4X Revelations for third time!

Unique fourcross show, the most difficult track, best riders, 10 000 spectators, fights elbow to elbow and one winner – Tomas Slavik did it again and took a third win in row at JBC 4X Revelations 2015 powered GHOST bikes!
JBC 4X Revelations was long time expected by riders and fans, kind of a real diamond in between other fourcross races not just because of track difficulty, but basically because of everything what is making this event so special. Revelations is a pilot event by Tomas Slavik which was created to “reveal” the real meaning and image of fourcross event from the view of a professional racer and organizer at the same time. 2015 really pushed the limits to the next level! Internet and other media are crushed by positive feedbacks. Spectators could see big jumps, fantastic fights, hard crashes, breathtaking show, amazing concerts, DJs and of course triumph of a hometown rider Tomas Slavik who took a win in front of 10 000 screaming spectators! What a ride! JBC 4X Revelations 2015 was legendary!
“ This season I feel like somebody is testing me how much I can stand and how hard sometimes it can be. My immune system collapsed 2,5 months ago and then I broke ligaments in my ankle. It was really frustrating and I really didn’t even think about being racing at Revelations, but then it started to get better and better. Im still 8 kg lighter then normally, but I was feeling great on my bike. I just don’t really get it, but I was so happy and blessed to be back on my bike, holding bars, pedaling that only thing I was thinking of and dreaming of was to race my bike. My life just turned up side down and I finally felt “complete” and fulfilled! Every year its harder to me to take a win at Revelations and thats why Im happier and happier every year being able to win it. In final I knew it will be fight in between me and Quentin Derbier. He is a great racer and its not easy to battle him. I was really surprised when after 1st berm I just disappeared and was gone leading the final. Its pretty clear that Revelations 2015 was real breakthrough in order to spectators, media interest and the level we have set up is incredible! The positive reaction I hear now is a great satisfaction for such a hard work we have put in. I would love to thank the complete production crew, my girlfriend, workers, sponzors and to all fans! Thank you, you were all great!! “
Expect official JBC 4X Revelations 2015 powered by GHOST bikes highlights video during today! Stay tuned!
Photo credit: Jan Kasl, Petr Zbranek, Vertical Images, Endruu photo, Barča Berdychová

Petr Třešňák took a win at Czech DH Cup 2015 – #2 Kouty nad Desnou

Czech Downhill Cup continued past weekend in Kouty nad Desnou. Track was really good prepared and overall there could be european race with no excuses.


It was hot and sunny on Friday’s and Saturday’s practice and the track was really fast. I enjoyed training runs and easily got into racing pace. At the end of Saturday’s practice the sky opened up and heavy rain began. Rain continued also on Sunday morning but stopped before the race and than the track was drying. In semifinal run I didn’t take big risk and finished second. Track was much drier for finals and noticeably faster. I was safe on slippery places in a dark forest and rode without major mistakes. Clean run paid off for me and I won this race.


In overall ranking I am now on 2nd place with 3 point off the lead.

Next race I will do is the European Cup in Spicak CZE.


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Tomas Slavik did a double win at GHOST Dual & 4X cup

Last weekend it was season opener for czech series of Dual and 4X called GHOST Dual & 4X Cup. Tomas Slavik was there and took a win for GHOST bikes in both events – Dual and Fourcross.
“It was a great news to me that there is a new fourcross series in Czech Republic about to start. Last 3 years it was a little bit struggle with races in Czech, but now situation turned upside down. New concept with Dual event on saturday and Fourcross event on sunday brought many riders to race against each other and show that our community is still strong as back in a day. Czech races made me a racer Im now and Im sure if this series will keep going it will bring more talented and strong racers. From the first gate dropped down I just felt like years before! Amazing fights for the lead, elbow to elbow, crashes…it was just so much fun to watch. The atmosphere was really friendly and free! Did hundreds of runs and I can say it was great training for me before upcoming world series races! Had great fun this weekend and props goes to all organizers. You did a great job!”
In 2 weeks time there will be already season opener of 4X Pro Tour world series in Winterberg (GER) where Tomas will be also participating in DH IXS german cup. For more information follow social networks of Tomas Slavik
Photo by: Jan Hule, Martin Rados, Jakub Urbanec

Tomas Slavik took a win at Clash Of Nations 2015

Tomas Slavik was able to take a win on historically first MTB Dual Slalom event as a part of Clash Of Nations in Falun, Sweden.
Fast riders, wild track and massive crowd – this is 3 things which are describing MTB Dual Slalom in Falun the most! Its been a while when Slavik was racing his last Dual Slalom race, but he was looking very fast and confident. In qualy he took 2nd spot behind Johannes Fischbach who set up the fastest time. In final round it was Fischbach standing against Slavik – two big rivals back in the day on fourcross World Cups. When the gate dropped it was battle side by side and elbow to elbow until first rock garden, where Slavik got out in front of Fischbach, who wasn’t giving up and was chasing Slavik all the way down. Slavik crossed the finish line at 1st spot, Fischbach in 2nd and 3rd spot went to local Emil Jonnson.
“ It was my first time in Sweden and I really had a good times there. Track was looking amazing with many crazy lines, big jumps and fast sections just the way I really like it for racing. I was little bit struggling through the rock garden in the beginning, because I was the only guy out there with short travel bike what was kind of frustrating, but got over it and got 2nd in quali what is great position for race. I was having very good gates and was taking the advantage of it with short travel GHOST bike HOOD FS what showed up at the end as the best option for the race. Had an amazing battle for 1st place with Fischi like back in a days as we both were racing fourcross. At the end I took it home and Fischi ended up second. Really had a great time at Clash Of Nations, organizers did really good job and Im sure this race is having a great potential to future. Well done Sweden, looking forward to next year…”
Tomas Slavik GoPro Clash of Nations 2015


For more information follow social networks:
Photo credit: KWIX photo, Clash Of Nations, Crosstompa

Slavik and Valparaiso – drama until the end!

Next stop of City Downhill World Tour in Valparaiso, Chile is behind us. Top 42 invited riders were fighting for a win at this prestigious event called Redbull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2015. On the brand new track and in front of 25 000 people cheering the massive drama was going on.


The fastest during qualification was Tomas Slavik with over 5 seconds lead in front of Fischbach and Polc. During finals it was defending champion Polc who set up the fastest time in front of german racer Fischbach. Only rider left on the hill was Tomas Slavik. Question was if he can get any faster and beat the leaders time. Slavik was pinning it hard through the whole track and massive crowd was cheering for him, but at the end just 0,2 seconds he looses his fight with clock and ends on 2nd place.


„I can tell you this race was really one of the toughest ones. Brand new track which was absolutely insane and especially it was the track over 3 minutes with a lot of sprinting. This is exactly place where you show how hard you trained and how strong physically and mentally you really are. I was really fast whole day even though I was struggling first training runs, but got faster and faster every single run. Quali went well and I took a lead with over 5 seconds gap on 2nd spot. This is very motivating for me for the final, but at the same time I knew that all the guys will go now 110% effort in final. I did the same, in final I just gave it all I got in tank, was having a good run with few little mistakes, but at the end I took 2nd spot by 0,2 seconds on 3 minutes long track! That was like unreal to me, but its racing. Still stoked with 2nd spot, but whenever you are loosing so close its always a little bit frustrating. Sometimes you need to loose to dream bigger and get stronger. Its big motivation and challenge for me. Really looking forward for a next round! „


Tomáš Slavik, GoPro final run, Valparaiso Cerro Abajo

Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2015 action clip


For more information follow social networks of Tomas Slavik

Photo credit: Jan Kasl, Pinkbike, Redbull Content Pool, Jairo Fellipe,

Tomas Slavik starts City DH World Tour with 2nd spot

Really tight fight in between Tomas Slavik and Filip Polc was going on at Santos (BRA) at the first stop of City DH World Tour. At the end Slavik took 2nd spot by only 0,09 s!!!


Same as last year City DH World Tour was starting at Santos, Brazil. Most difficult and intense trak of the Tourd. High speed, big compressions, narrow parts and many more difficult obstacles. This is the real test of equipment and skills of all riders. Tomas Slavik was the fastest during saturdays qualifying where Filip Polc was ending up with almost same time. Drama was going on at sundays finals which was broadcasted at Globo TV and over 10 milion people were watching. Slavik was really fast on all splits and speed trap, but at the bottom of the track he made huge mistake which cost him almost one second. At the end he ended up on 2nd spot by 0,09 s behind Polc.


„ Last year I crashed really hard in Santos so my feelings were a little bit mixed when I was coming back here. Luckily I felt great! My bike felt really good and I was enjoying it. On saturday I took a win in qualification and that gave me some confidence back after the last year. First good step to sunday finals was made. On sunday when we were sitting in the lift I already knew that today is a little bit different day. Nobody was talking, everyone was so nervous, focus and I was just the same. From now everything counts. For the first time in my life havent been nervous because of other racers or because possibility of failing, but I had so much respect to the track. You have to be on the limit of your skills and your bike. Coinsequences of crashing are huge. I ussually say to other friends/riders on the start like „good luck“ or something like that, but this time I was saying „have a save run“. Its just a little bit different racing here. At the final run I was really pushing it to the limit – I was fastest on first splits and I won the speed trap, but at the bottom of the track I went way too fast and drifted almost out of the track and almost crashed. Somehow I got away with that and was pinning it to the finish line. It was only Polc who beat me at the finish line by 0,09 s what is great result after such a big mistake. Next of the Tour is Valparaiso, Chile. Really looking forward to that one and hope there will be no mistakes made from my side…“


Tomas Slavik is right now with his team mate Johannes Fischbach in Rio de Janeiro shredding the local DH tracks and getting ready for the next stop in Chile.

For more information follow social networks of Tomas Slavik


Photo by: Jan Kasl, Marcello Paiva

Tomas Slavik made it and became Downmall Tour 2015 champion!

Tomas Slavik was able to take a win in final round of Downmall Tour 2015 in Prague and took also overall win in series. 3 races, 3 wins and overall title – mission complete.




Riders and spectators were really looking forward for final round of Downmall Tour 2015 in Prague. Track is always bigger and the atmosphere is amazing, but this year it was something special and we have never witness atmosphere like that in shopping mall. For Slavik it was important race on a home soil in front of home crowd. As expected it was fight in between this three names: Prokop, Fischbach and Slavik. At the end Slavik was the fastest rider by 0,79 s in front of Fischbach and shopping mall was about to explode.




„ I was really excited about the last race on home soil. You know its home crowd, friends, family. Really pushing factor in your performance. On the other hand it can create big pressure on you that you really want to win no matter what in front of this crowd. When I finished first run and I was by 0,09 s second behind Fischbach it wasnt easy. I was just sitting in rider zone and thinking about my run where to go faster, but there was not many spots. It will be just about the effort which has to be 110% but you still need to have control of it. In final I gave it all I got. When I entered the main hall in shopping mall I was absolutely electrized by cheering from the crowd. It was the most insane atmosphere I have ever been through in shopping mall and in that moment I knew that I have to win! At the end I took a win by 0,79 s what was great performance. Thanks to organizers from Eastern Gravity for making this series, really looking forward for another one. Thanks goes to all fans who arrived to Prague to support me, it was you guys who pushed me to be that fast this weekend – THANK YOU! „





GoPro POV of final run


Final run Slavik TV live




One series came to an end and another starts. Slavik is flying on thursday to Chile for first races of City Downhill World Tour. For videos, fotos and more information from South America follow this social networks.



Photo credit: Jan Kasl,, Lukas Navratil, Jakub Fišer

Tomas Slavik wins again at second round of Downmall Tour 2015!

Tomas Slavik brought home another win from second round Downmall Tour 2015 Berlin, Germany. This result underlined his leading position in overall standings and he is coming to final round with quite good points lead. He is the biggest favourite for taking the win in Prague this week and taking the overall title as well.



„2nd round in Berlin was probably most difficult track I have been riding in shopping mall. Lot of stairs, 180 degrees turns, lot of stop and go sections. You really had to be precise and keep calm, beacause once you miss the braking point its all over for you. Every centimetr counts here! I got quite good rhythm and had a good run in final. Quite interesting was the bottom of the track during finals as we were really pushing it to the limit and we were landing the big drop almost flat. At the end it was me and Johannes Fischbach, who set up the fastest times and I got first by 0,3 s in front of Fischy! 3rd spot was gap a lot over 1 seconds. I would say really great performance by GHOST bikes guys. Next stop is final round this week in Prague. Really looking to racing on home soil and all the fans, its gonna be great weekend! See you there“




GoPro winning run Slavik, Berlin

Final round of Downmall Tour 2015 is taking place in Prague this week. Not to miss it you can watch it live at FANDA TV or NOVA SPORT.

For more information follow social networks of Tomas Slavik:


Photo credit: Jan Kasl

Slavik started the 2015 season by winning at Downmall Tour 2015

Tomas Slavik took a win at first stop of Downmall Tour 2015 in Poland, Szczecin!


Big news for MTB 2015 season is fact that Eastern Gravity agency started up a series called Downmall Tour 2015 which count 3 rounds – Poland, Germany and final round in Czech Republic. Tomas Slavik is a hot favourite for this Tour and will be taking part in all rounds of Downmall Tour 2015. In Poland Slavik rocked the shopping mall with fastest times in all racing round and took well deserved win in front of big polish crowd.


„ Downmall was always a great great fun during the hard winter days, but at this time this Downmall Tour is regular mtb series which you have prepare yourself for and its getting harder and harder to win the races. In Poland the track was really tide, short and intense. Once you make a mistake you are done with no chance for reaching the podium. I was riding more calm then agresive and it was definitely the key on this track. I decided to race for the first time on fullsuspension bike GHOST bikes Hood FS which was working perfect and feel like this is very strong weapon! Next stop is Berlin where the fastest germans are about to join us so Im really looking forward“


GoPro winning run of Slavik:

Next round of Downmall Tour 2015 is about to take place on 24.1. in Eastgate shopping mall Berlin, Germany. For more info please follow Tomas Slavik social media:

Photo credit: Jan Kasl, Noana Aero, Photo,, Antares